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DP Animation Maker 2.2.5

It allows you to create simple but nice animated presentations
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DP Animation Maker allows you to create simple but nice animated presentations. It is always a good idea to take a look at the examples provided and get a general idea of what the program can do. The application has an intuitive graphic interface that will pose no difficulty to the standard user.

As in PowerPoint, a presentation is made up of slides, which you can use as many as necessary. You can also rearrange them in the desired order or delete those that are no longer wanted. The sequence can have specific timings for each slide, including fade-in and fade-out times. Unfortunately, fading is the only type of transition available between slides. Picture objects can be created from external files, although the range of supported formats includes only the most popular formats. Similarly, you can import sound files in MP3 format and use them as background. However, it is a pity that no other type of multimedia object is supported.

Probably, the best thing about DP Animation Maker is that it supports adding effects and animations, which bring life to otherwise static pictures. Thus, you can add the underwater effect to simulate, for example, a fish tank. Other interesting effects are water mirror, fire, rings on water, matrix code and glass ball. Various types of animations are allowed as well. These can be moving objects, stationary objects and animation brushes. I especially liked the animation brushes, which you can use to add such effects as water movement and fire to specific regions of the picture. All the effects and animations can be customized. Moreover, as the application uses layers, you can change the order of these effects. In addition, the program allows real-time previewing of the effects and you can easily hide some of them to focus on the ones you are currently working on. Despite the large number of effects, you can also import add-ons to expand the functions.

Besides sharing your projects using the file type specifically used by this application, you can also export the resulting animations to a wide range of other formats. Therefore, you can create AVI and MOV videos, PNG sequences, animated GIFs and even standalone executable files.

In general, DP Animation Maker is an excellent solution for home users to create their own animated slideshows. While it is true that this program is not very sophisticated, if you are creative and have at least basic design skills, I am sure you will manage to compose interesting and attractive animations. Unfortunately, while I was using this application, it stopped working once, probably because it failed to manage the high number of effects I was trying to test.

Pedro Castro
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  • It can create nice animations
  • It supports a wide range of effects
  • It supports add-ons
  • It supports various output formats
  • It is easy to use


  • Fading is the only type of transition available between slides
  • It only supports importing picture and sound objects
  • The app stopped working when I was testing it
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